Voting – not only a right, but a responsibility!

The Michigan State University-City of East Lansing YouVote initiative and its website are designed to give you information regarding Voter Registration procedures, provide Election information, and encourage all to Vote. YouVote is a non-partisan informational campaign to give students the tools needed to vote. Voting choices are individual and personal. The important things are that students know the mechanisms to register, where to find necessary information, and that voting is fundamental for U.S. citizens.

3 Important Dates  for this 2014 Election Season


SOS Mobile Voter Registration @ MSU – Wednesday, Sept 3rd                     

*Good news! You can sign up to vote at the SOS Mobile Voter Registration Unit on the corner of Farm Lane and Shaw (across the street from Erickson Hall and just south of “The Rock”) between 10am-4pm on Sept 3rd. 

Last Day To Register – Monday, October 6th

General Election – Tuesday, November 4th


*In the 2014 election, among other choices, voters in East Lansing will be casting ballots for Michigan Governor, US Senator, Congressional Representatives, and more. Click here to learn more about the candidates and issues that will be on the primary ballot before submitting your vote!  *Click here for Michigan Primary Election Results